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Speak your mind!!!

Are you ANGRY that your favourite DVD is not subtitled? Are you frustrated with the limited choice of subtitled DVDs? Are you impressed with this site? How do you feel right now about DVDs and subtitles? Click here to have your say!!

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posted by anonymous on 13 May 2011 at 20:44:35

"Nothing to add to all the comments posted except to say that I agree entirely. I have been trying to 'update' my collection of dvds which I bought some years ago, before my hearing started to deteriorate, with subtitled versions but have been frustrated in my search. The problem is particularly noticable when there is 'quick-fire repartee. Without knowing whether or not there are subtitles I do not wish to waste money on a product that I already have."

posted by Charles on 11 May 2011 at 17:27:46

"My wife and I both have hearing problems but add to that the growing number of actors who mumble their lines and then the Directors who make sure there is lots of noise while someone is saying something that you must hear to understand the story (I really shouldn't mention the things you actually DO hear correctly but don't believe you hear it correctly because you'd never think anyone would say THAT, whatever it may be) and there you have several reasons that justify the chump-change it takes put in CC/Subtitles, notwithstanding there are more reasons than there are stars."

posted by Carmen on 10 May 2011 at 13:16:02

"It is a real pity that the Jeeves & Wooster series do not have subtitles in Spanish. The series could be sold to many followers of Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and PG Wodehouse in both Spain and South America."

posted by anonymous on 30 Apr 2011 at 09:51:28

"The underlying issue is cost, no surprise there. I am advised by a subtitling professional that the price to the DVD producer of adding a subtitle to a feature can be as much as £5,000. It would be interesting to get some detailed corroboration on that. The US market (pop. 300 million, UK 60 million) is large enough to better justify subtitle inclusion than the UK [market]. They also need to accomodate Spanish- and sometimes French- and Italian-speaking customers as a second level priority. I would happily pay more although the unaffected users may feel they are subsidising the others. I often get DVD's from the US when the UK version has no subs. I would much prefer not to have to do this. For one thing the US english language / spelling can differ, also the broacast standard NTSC is inferior to PAL, and not all suppliers are competitively priced, if you can find what you want from a supplier who ships outside the US. We need to get messages across to DVD producers / distributors and I'm delighted to find a forum that will do this. More power to! "

posted by Rosie on 18 Apr 2011 at 16:49:36

"Surely it is a form of discrimination not to supply subtitles on recently made DVDs? I rented 'Ghost' made in 2010 and discovered much to my disappointment that there were no subtitles."

posted by David Jervis on 9 Apr 2011 at 22:03:51

"My main gripe is with Optimum Home Entertainment/Second Sight, rarely do their releases, old or new, have subtitles, in my opinion it boarders on discrimination to the deaf, or HOH in the UK and Europe. They are in my experience, one of the worse companys in this respect. To ignore 9 million customers seems economically daft, but hey, what do I know? I'm just a deaf guy who'd spend a lot of money with them if their DVD's had subtitles, multiply me by 6-9 million Optimum..."

posted by John Archbold on 7 Apr 2011 at 21:12:44

"On the Buses has no subtitles, was sad for me, want to watch old comedy series!"

posted by JEAN HARDCASTLE on 7 Mar 2011 at 11:22:35

"Amazon do not always give details re. subtitles. But when I email them they give a prompt and helpful reply. Just learnt that the Acorn Midsummer series has no subtitles -very disappointing."

posted by Charles on 28 Feb 2011 at 18:42:46

"I am so annoyed again the fact i have to send the dvd back to the company i ordered from, Quantum Leap and now.. Land Before Time, doesn't have subtitles.. i used to watch it on VHS and it does included subtitles but DVD doesn't... reallly annoyyyed!!!"

posted by Val P on 22 Feb 2011 at 20:31:02

"I went to the DVD shop in Milton Keynes to buy the boxed set of Foyle's War but thankfully noticed just in time that it did not have any sub-titles included, although they were charging £150 for it! Without sub-titles it would not be worth twopence to me. Surely the makers must realise that their main customers for these are likely to be the older generation, as I am, and have stopped buying them because they are useless to us. I need hardly say that I was very disappointed."

posted by Sylvia V on 3 Feb 2011 at 23:43:28

"I had looked for Sally Potter's movie The Tango Lesson on DVD, like so many others. I found it on the web for $20 through a company called Aries. I got it fine, but it has no way to see subtitles. Being an American, and the movie being in three languages, it's a bit hard to really enjoy it. The original video had subtitles, so I figured the DVD would just be a copy, but something is wrong. Can't find Aries company either now. Irritating, and a waste of $20."

posted by francis on 28 Jan 2011 at 21:39:05

"I am an american living in Panama. Most films have spanish subtitles. Sometimes I am teaching someone English and it would be nice to have english movies with english subtitles also. But why stop with only english or spanish?? Sometimes, here, the rain makes it impossible to hear the movie, or the actor´s diction is not clear, or someone is hearing impaired. Why the lack of consideration. Some films are sold in certain geographical areas and they don´t even come with subtitles. I also watch other films ie Italian and would like my friends who speak either english or spanish to be able to appreciate some good movies. HELP"

posted by P Brace on 25 Jan 2011 at 17:01:34

"I stopped going to the cinema several years ago because I could not understand the dialogue and theatre very occasionally these days.The BBC and ITV channels on TV are very good at subtitles but Skye is hopeless.I love good movies so I hoped DVDs would solve the problem.Well I have to search for one that has subtitles and there are very few but even then I have found what it says on the cover is not true.I am feeling extremely frustrated and annoyed that I cannot watch a decent film with subtitles,they should all be subtitled.The hard of hearing are being penalised and I think there should be a campaigne against the maufacturers and distributors for not doing it. "

posted by anonymous on 17 Jan 2011 at 23:56:09

"Hi was really happy as Birds of a feather finally being rereleased all the series are on dvd from March 2011. Contacted Network and they have said that they will not be subtitled but they are looking to do this in the future. Annoying when you wait years for something to actually be released on dvd and then no subtitles. Wish the law would change to say all dvds have to have subtitles dont see why we should miss out on things."

posted by Rachel on 16 Jan 2011 at 01:54:44

"YEAH I NEED subtitles! I don't hear well, so if its not subtitled, as the Soprano's would say, fergettaboutit. I'm upset about the HBO or other TV series that I wait a long time for (I don't have cable) and meanwhile others are able to watch them streamlines, online, but those aren't subtitled. Some of those shows are addictive and oooh i dont like waiting almost a whole year for them to come out on DVD. Then, other new movies, you find, get cozy in bed, get popcorn, (in my case get a cockatiel sitting on your shoulder ready for a lonnng neck massage!) and then, bam. NO subtitles. very unpleasant."

posted by Suzie on 15 Jan 2011 at 00:14:31

"I'm in Sydney, Australia. I find that DVDs of TV shows in particular are notorious for not having any subtitles. My husband is collecting Spooks but I can't watch them with him because they aren't subtitled! I was given a TV series (Shameless) as a gift - can't watch it, no subtitles! I borrowed a movie which said there were subtitles on the back. What do you know - no subtitles! What is up with some Blockbuster stores here, by the way, they are putting their own covers on the DVDs so that you can't even look to see if if it is (supposedly) subtitled. Thanks Blockbuster! There should absolutely NO REASON why any film or show is not subtitled!!!!"

posted by Charles on 14 Jan 2011 at 16:17:41

"I'm extremely frustrated about the fact my favourite tv series doesn't have subtitles. Only just Series 1 does but the rest of the Series 2,3,4,5 does not. luckly, the brilliant ITV4 shows it with subtitles all the way to Series 2 TO 3. Back then, at the time i thought Series 2 have subtitles, i ordered it online then came to my surprise when i insert the dvd.. and as the menu appear with No Subtitles!!"

posted by Belinda on 13 Jan 2011 at 13:17:53

"I am hearing impaired since birth. I live in South Africa. Most DVD are imported from UK, USA and Australia. I don't buy Australian DVD becasue they don't at all put subtitle on it. Even most South African (RSA) DVD don't have subtitle. I don't understand why it is stopped, in the past, nearly all DVD (UK, USA, RSA) provides subtitle. and now there are rarely subtitle on DVD. What carry on? It is frustrating because on-line shopping (Amazon, etc)- not all dvd revealed the information if the dvd has subtitle. I believe the people who made the dvd will make more money/royalities if they put back the subtitle that enable more hearing impaired people buy the dvds. Subtitle strengthens our languages - we can't hear the languages speaking, we learn lot new words by reading the subtitle. Bring back the subtitle. Thank you for this site, it really help me before I buy the dvd."

posted by Jas. Murray on 12 Jan 2011 at 20:17:17

" I have a Toshiba dvd/vcr recorder which produces subtitles when available. I am of advanced years, hard of hearing but still have all my "marbles" To overcome my poor hearing I invested in a Toshiba dvd/vcr recorder which produces subtitles, when available. I get annoyed by the fact that the films I like are usually on TCM on the SKY network but none carries subtitles. I am a member of RNID and was encouraged to e-mail TCM and ask for an explanation for this omission but they did not have the courtesy to reply. It seems ludicrous that very often adverts interrupting programmes will carry titles but the actual programme doesnt. I would have thought a company like Red Bee Media would tout for business from the likes of TCM.I don't think my displeasure is confined to myself but there doesn't seem to be a concerted effort to change the status quo"

posted by Alain on 9 Jan 2011 at 14:26:36

"I am a great fan of American televison shows of the 70's and 80's. Many of them are only available in the UK (like The Fall Guy, The Rockford Files, Ironside, The Hardy Boys, ...) and the most are not subtitled in Dutch. So please, think of the viewers in Belgium and put the Dutch subtitles on it. Thanks. "

posted by kay on 6 Jan 2011 at 22:32:14

"all dvds should have subtitles i was fed up some dvds have no subtitles i want lip service and bad girls have subtitles pls can you sort it out for us thanks"

posted by Valerie on 5 Jan 2011 at 14:02:32

"I find it impossible to order DVDs from Amazon as the website includes no information on subtitles. I recently bought two dvds that were new releases and therefore I assumed would have subtitles but they didn't and so my money was wasted. # Why are more dvds not subtitled? I have often been unable to buy my favourite series as but they are not subtitled. Also why have BBC stopped putting subtitles on their tv programmes? In an age when there are endless laws preventing discrimination against the disabled, why is this allowed? Surely it wouldn't cost very much and it would make a huge difference to a lot of people, especially the elderly "

posted by anonymous on 1 Jan 2011 at 18:04:18

"As a gift I have received nine DVDs of various Shakespeare plays having previously requested subtitles as I have a hearing problem. Of the nine only three DVDs have subtitles! I have investigated on line & discovered that it is extremely difficult to find this information of whether or not subtitles are available. In fact the 'Branagh' Henry V is reported to have subtitles. My DVD cover looks the same -but no subtitles! There is a wide spectrum of people as well as hearing impaired who would appreciate subtitles on the DVDs of England's most well-known playwright."

posted by Gael on 1 Jan 2011 at 09:54:59

"Your website has been a godsend to us ! Thank you for your very useful work. Before buying any DVD we now check carefully with your lists to see if there are any subtitles and if not, we do not buy ! It is a pity missing many of the good old films but being elderly our hearing is not as good as it used to be ... We hope your initiative will encourage DVD publishers to enrich their collection of subtitled products."

posted by anonymous on 24 Dec 2010 at 10:45:32

"It's not just annoying for native speakers it's also very frustrating for foreigners who need subtitles. "

posted by anonymous on 29 Nov 2010 at 20:50:13

"Subtitles for "whitechapel 2"?? Why is series one subtitled and series two not? "

posted by Stephen Solt on 27 Nov 2010 at 19:03:33

"I have three complaints: Online DVD retailers don't provide full subtitling information. They should do this even if it is to record that there aren't any. Then we would know for sure. When asked they respond this is all the information the distributor provides which is a cop out. They are selling the DVD's they should do what excellent DVD retailer Fopp in Covent Garden did: 'I can't guarantee both english and hindu speech on that DVD is subtitled but if you don't mind waiting I'll check it for you' (it was, and I will use them whenever I am near one of their branches). Amazon, Zavvi, HMV, LoveFilm, Game etc could employ a deaf person checking this. They can easily afford it and it would be good PR and business sense. My second complaint is that TV series compilations often don't have subtitles when the broadcast program did. This is madness. Surely the royalty/copyright could be arranged so that the subtitles go with the show. The DVD version isn't lacking the music or some of the actors! My third complaint is that the free DVD's distributed by national newspapers often don't have subtitles - some freebie!"

posted by Lorraine Aldridge on 27 Nov 2010 at 11:23:49

"I have recently been introduced to the American Series 'Monk'. Having purchased Seasons 1 and 2 which do have subtitles, I was dismayed to find on purchasing Season 3 that this has none. Why!!! I felt safe in my purchase and this a lesson to be learned for me - always always check. Similarly, my elderly mother has requested the 'A Touch of Frost' Series 1-5 Boxset as an Xmas gift. The predominent audience for this series is likely to be of an older demographic, but again, no subtitles. So I thought Kavanagh QC might be of interest. There is an subtitled boxset available at around £79 against Circa £30 for exactly the same minus the subtitles. It's frustrating and about time all DVD's were produced with. After all, you don't have to have subtitles unless you want them."

posted by Wendy Osborne on 22 Nov 2010 at 15:18:13

" I've had impaired hearing since having my ears boxed when I was 4; the ageing process hasn't helped. My husband had excellent hearing, (he was a submariner) but he's getting older too. It ruins a DVD for him if I ask "What did Harry say????" - these days, he's often missed it himself. There's more thought for people with disabilities now, but deafness still brands you - when I was little it was "Dreamy-lacks concentration", now it's "A bit slow", meaning "A bit dim, poor dear". Subtitles on live TV have been a huge blessing to millions of the hard of hearing: omitting them on DVD's is not only insensitive and DISCRIMINATORY - it's crassly UNINTELLIGENT. LIKE 1,000s of others, WE ONLY BUY WITH SUBTITLES. Why limit sales by neglecting the needs of so many?"

posted by steven on 17 Nov 2010 at 00:51:18

"and to insult us even more, i find some movies dont even say what the subtitle reads, they cut off some of the words which is annoying because i have to concentrate more on my hearing because i dont know if the subtitle is lying or not."
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