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Speak your mind!!!

Are you ANGRY that your favourite DVD is not subtitled? Are you frustrated with the limited choice of subtitled DVDs? Are you impressed with this site? How do you feel right now about DVDs and subtitles? Click here to have your say!!

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posted by ruth on 12 Dec 2011 at 23:03:52

"My husband has a hearing disability, it is so disappointing,when we receive films from Love Film with no subtitling and it seems impossible to find out beforehand which films are captioned."

posted by jaypea on 9 Dec 2011 at 03:13:26

"I am so frustrated and very annoyed that I can not purchase many DVDs that have subtitles. I like to buy my 80 yr old Mother, who is audibly challenged,DVDs for presents.Surely in today's technical age, DVDs should all have the subtitle facility? I am tired of finding DVDs that are suitable for her only to find that she would not be able to watch and enjoy the film/TV series. Will anything be done about this annoying problem?"

posted by Julie on 1 Dec 2011 at 13:49:57

"I lost some hearing when I was 8 years old due to measles.My family have gradual hearing loss as well, my hearing gets worse as I get older, so we need subtitles.I think it's disgraceful that dvd companies dont choose to add subtitles, citing cost,the amount they charge for dvds should cover it! Plus they would get more sales as more deaf and hard of hearing would buy them!It's not rocket science!It makes me so angry that these dvd companies do not value deaf or hard of hearing viewers at all!I would love to buy more region 1 dvds but the multi players are so hard to buy!My mum would love to watch a lot of series that were on in 60s 70s etc and she can't because of no subtitles.Does anyone know who we have to write to so we can make it law for dvd companies to include subtitles for us who need them?"

posted by Tony on 26 Nov 2011 at 00:29:23

"Shocked that some or more than some! blu-ray do'nt have subtitles.. I mean blu-ray is high tech? what the hell!"

posted by Laban on 3 Nov 2011 at 15:50:49

"I love the DVD "Shakespeare Retold" - expecially The Taming of the Shrew. I have bought the DVD in UK and there are no sub-titles but if you buy it in USA - Pal 1 - there are Enlish subtitles but they are captioned. I have a worldwide video-player but I can not see the captioned subtitles. As I am not so good in English I am so sorry that there are no sub-titles i the Englis version. I really hope they will make a new version with English sub-titles. "

posted by dompo on 1 Nov 2011 at 04:58:16

"it is so important for us to get dvd entirely subtitled that we don't buy any without them ; and it is very difficult to know before buying if there are or not subtitles.. However when DVD went on the market instead of video k7 the advertising to get us buy dvd was all the choices in audio language and subtitles ! but now thas every one buy dvd, there is not subtitles at all ! What can all the customers who complained about that do to be heard by the producers ?"

posted by Peter Hughes on 23 Oct 2011 at 11:44:59

"When will those responsible for DVD marketing realize a vast majority of those who use the product suffer from hearing difficulties CONSEQUENTLY sub-titles are absolutely necessary. The latest figure is over 40% ! IT'S TIME THIS NONSENSE IS RECTIFIED "

posted by Fiona Jenner on 15 Sep 2011 at 21:45:21

"I am a fan of Michael McIntyre and really enjoy his humour. I am hard of hearing but usually cope well with my hearing aids. My daughter gave me Michael McIntyre's dvd 'LIVE AND LAUGHING'. Unfortunately, the delivery was too quick so I turned to the subtitles - there are'nt any! I cannot believe that in this day and age dvds are made without subtitles. I am sure Michael McIntyre would be horrified to know that some of his fans are being discriminated against. I am very upset as this is the first time my poor hearing has been an issue. I have complained to the British Video Association but would love to send a letter to Michael McIntyre expressing my disappointment."

posted by jeffaudi on 11 Sep 2011 at 13:36:19

"Has anyone out there wanted to view Menace starring Stephen Moyer again,I cannot believe this brilliant mini series has never been transmitted again it was such a thrilling and entertaining story I find it unbelievable that so much old rubbish is being dragged out and aired repeatedly while this super Moyer series is on a shelf somewhere gathering dust I'm sure it could be put out with subtitles for all to enjoy."

posted by Ronald Little on 10 Sep 2011 at 08:30:50

"I am profoundly Deaf and all DVD's should have Subtitles and when i bought my favourite film White Feather i found it had no Subtitles,so i had to send it back as i think it all DVD's should say if they have Subtitles or not."

posted by Wolfy on 7 Sep 2011 at 17:25:41

"All DVDs must have subtitles (many different languages as much as it can...) No matter if it's low budget movies(!) if we made british 'deaf' films without subtitles, then deaf people from other countries will want it subtitles in thier own languages, it's same for us want those 'hearing' DVDs to have subtitles(!)"

posted by gary on 7 Sep 2011 at 10:57:08

"The DVD maker DRIVEN me NUTS!!! Every time I went to Tesco. Saw the front cover, mmmm, look good, start read at the back, sound good then start read information. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! no subtitles!! EVERY TIME I SEE GREAT FILM AND ENDUP NONE!!! So unfair!"

posted by Katt on 10 Aug 2011 at 00:36:37

"Dvds should have subtitles on , on every copy! People who can hear could opt not to have them and the people who do including me can enjoy watching what everybody else is! There is deafness in my family which gets worse as you get older ,mine was also complicated by german measles at age 7.I'm not completely deaf but cannot hear what people say most of time unless they face me. I usually go to the source to complain.Like if a series is bbc,write to them and write to the makers of the dvds.It can only help? We need these subtitles .We pay our money just the same as hearing people do so why such blatant discrimination?"

posted by sally on 9 Aug 2011 at 13:26:15

"A film I really wanted to watch was Ghost - the political thriller from the book by robert harris - the book is brilliant and imagine my disappoitment when lo and behold no subtitles . I also rented Special Relationship this week and same problem - is it Michael Sheen do you think? Another major gripe is no subtitles on Tlk Talk cable TV disgraceful and discriminatory"

posted by Celia Gutierrez on 22 Jul 2011 at 16:18:38

"It is essential to have English subtitles in films in which English is spoken to be able to use them at school for educational purposes. Otherwise, the variety of accents and pronuntiation often makes it too difficult for students to undrestand the film."

posted by abbagrace on 18 Jul 2011 at 17:38:32

"Why is it that NONE of the Hallmark movies have Closed Captioning? My husband has a serious hearing loss, and especially movies which include people with accents are hard to understand. Many times the music covers what people say and sometimes the actors just don't speak clearly. I like having the words on screen too. "

posted by Ronnie (ronald) on 6 Jul 2011 at 19:12:38

"Got to this amazing site through the Amazon sub titles forum which has being going on for over two years now. It is only through sites like this that we HOH can force dvd sellers to give us basic info regarding sub totles. Many of us just wont buy a dvd as we are unsure if the series or film has sub titles. All i can say is keep the info coming in as there are a lot of HOH folks out there who really need this info !"

posted by Jorge Brites(Portugal) on 5 Jul 2011 at 23:12:31

"I do not have hearing difficulty but I'm not English.In spite of speaking the language quite well subtitles are a great help minding the fast dialogs,the slang and the so diferent accents. Certanly I'm not the only bloke that feels and thinks this way. I reckon the costs involved but I believe that is a way of increasing the sales in other foreign countries.Thank You."

posted by judy gold on 3 Jul 2011 at 06:07:02

"What about cinemas?. Why cant hard of hearing people enjoy a night out at the cinema? Why is there not a law that states that if a cinema is showing the same film in more than one cinema, one must have subtitles?"

posted by Judy Gold on 3 Jul 2011 at 06:02:13

"I do not understand how in a country that passes laws relating to access for handicapped people that something a simple as subtitling is not standard. Virgin and SKY have both told me that they have full subtitling on all channels. Only after taking a contract did I find out how untrue that is. They must be made to understand that this is misrepresenttion and that it is a breech of contract. please can someone tak them to court to force them to correctly market their service and/or force them to add subtitles. "

posted by peterjh on 30 Jun 2011 at 09:53:04

"Is it my imagination or does SKY show certain films without ever setting up subtitles for them? I have been on the look-out for Pulp Fiction to be shown on one of the sky channels but maybe I've been unlucky but it never offers subtitles."

posted by Mike on 28 Jun 2011 at 09:26:11

"'Archipelago' is a British film with crucial dialogue but for some reason there is no subtitling!! Same on the DVD distributors."

posted by chrissie on 23 Jun 2011 at 08:55:30

"I am really annoyed that there are so many dvds/blu rays without subtitles, feel like a second class citizen sometimes. I have joined and there doesnt seem a way to find out if there are subtitles on the ones you order so getting very disappointed when they arrive without."

posted by Hubert on 19 Jun 2011 at 05:04:25

"Why-oh-why can't the DVD/Bluray producers not put EVERY language subtitles on the DVD? What I mean is, a major blockbuster is released world-wide, in cinemas with subtitles in many languages. Then, when they release to DVD/Bluray they filter it down to a bunch of languages that, presumably, they think is applicable to the region. Like in the UK we typically get English (DUH!) but often some European languages and often some non-European languages like Urdu or Hindi which I assume is because of the amount of people here who speak it. However, why filter out any languages? My wife is Korean and we can buy region 3 DVDs of any movie and it has Korean subtitles but the Region 2 one doesn't. It's so annoying that the subtitles exist but the producers prefer to pick and choose rather than just put every available language on the disk. I have dabbled in DVD production myself and I know subtitles constitute a very small percentage of disk space, especially on Bluray. Well, I'll get of the soap box now!"

posted by gidster on 16 Jun 2011 at 14:37:51

"I can't believe that DVDs are allowed to be distributed WITHOUT subtitles (as an available option). I would like to see this made a law, at least in the language the DVD is sold in! As an aside, I would also like to see DVD rental places (like Lovefilm, or Blockbuster) at least show whether subtitles are present!"

posted by Chris on 5 Jun 2011 at 13:31:00

"When pushing for subtitled dvds, we need to make the point that we mean OPTIONAL subtitles - those with good hearing do not want to see subtitles every time they watch it.. "

posted by Danny on 30 May 2011 at 18:03:27

"Its a shame at the year 2011 they give films to the market without subtitles i NEVER buy them.Everyone should help with not buying DVDs without subtitles...!"

posted by Rosie on 28 May 2011 at 14:46:18

"I bought Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid after a lot of checking that it had subtitles-only to despair that the music/songs were not subtitled.Do the subtitlers think that everyone who needs subtitles have never been able to hear so wont care about the song lyrics? In my case I lost my hearing and was looking forward to all of Dylan's lyrics in the right places."

posted by Rosie on 28 May 2011 at 14:39:23

"I contacted Lovefilm ( who are very good) to ask if their product description was always accurate in respect of subtitles. They gave a nice response, linking to this site- but said that they were restricted in what they put on their web site and had to confine themselves to the DVD makers own description. I am sure some of the DVDs they have on their list have subtitles- but the description does not specify . The same applies to Amazon. It is a waste o money to rent or buy a dvd in the hope it has subtitles and not everyone is aware of this site. Should we as deaf or HOH, be lobbying the RNID or the Equality people to make sure products carry a description which is definite either way about subtitles."

posted by Samba-boy on 24 May 2011 at 00:32:42

"Too bad Saved by the Bell doesn't have Dutch subtitles on the UK-DVDs. Same for Scrubs, only the first two seasons who also got released here, the rest never got released in The Netherlands."
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