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Speak your mind!!!

Are you ANGRY that your favourite DVD is not subtitled? Are you frustrated with the limited choice of subtitled DVDs? Are you impressed with this site? How do you feel right now about DVDs and subtitles? Click here to have your say!!

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posted by Bob Finbow on 9 Oct 2006 at 18:31:20

"Why is it that television programs, that are invariably subtitled when broadcast on TV, so often are released as DVDs without subtitling? To someone deaf, like myself, these DVDs are utterly useless. I am very fond of the Cracker' series but, having just dicovered that they are available on DVD, find that these DVDs have no subtitles. The same is true of most BBC shakespear programs so it isn't just the independent companies letting us down. If the BBC can afford to have to likes of Terry Wogan endlessly advertising how wondeful the BBC is, why can't they afford to make these DVDs usable by the deaf? Even having to pay a small premium for the benefit would be acceptable."

posted by lisa jane sharland on 4 Oct 2006 at 14:03:11

"this is totally discrimation because of lack subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing as well so i really want a subtitle for all the films and drama that i love and they missing the sales profit if there is no subtitles and it's totally up to them really.. if they have subtitles for whole lots of it and they will get sales profits but it is totally pathetic - everytime i go to the shop and found what i looking for and there is no subtitles and i chuck it back on the shelf and really upsetting me badly.. it's ok for hearing people who can hear everything what is going on the film or anything but deaf don't able to hear or not follow at all. it's damn unfair and getting worse this whoever don't think about deaf people at all.. must have equal!!!!"

posted by Aydin Dilber on 11 Sep 2006 at 15:37:52

"I too like my DVDs subtitled. But this is not always the case especially with Region 1 DVDs. Most of them are closed captioned but unfortunately our European TVs, DVD-Players etc.. do not have the magic "cc" button like their american counterparts to decode cc's on the line 21 of the NTSC signal. However I found out that Windows Media Player can read Closed Captions! So you can play the movie on a PC and or as I did connect your PC to your TV and watch it there using the PC's DVD-Player and Windows Media Player. Hope this info is useful."

posted by pauley on 31 Aug 2006 at 19:08:06

"Can someone please answer a question for me:- If we are meant to live in a society that is equal..and we are trying to do away with discrimination etc......How is it that when you go to buy a dvd that has only recently been released... it has no subtitles on it... How do people get away with that? I, like many other MILLIONS of deaf and hard of hearing people would gladly pay that bit extra to be able to enjoy a film that was subtitled. I am a big fan of old black and white comedy films 1940's onwards and would dearly love to be able to watch a film and have a good laugh. [I have removed your other question because it can't be answered on here - please email us or use the forum if you have specific questions - webmaster]"

posted by natasha on 6 Aug 2006 at 23:25:56

"I recently lost 80% of my hearing and now have to rely on subtitles on the TV. I recently bought a DVD player just to play subtitled movies. My husband and I are having a hard time with getting DVDs that are actually subtitled in English. We think it is pathetic how some DVDs actually claim to have English subtitles but they don't. WAKE UP MOVIE COMPANIES. There are a lot of deaf and hearing impared people out there who don't ever get to see your movies because of lack of subtitling."

posted by Cathyn Wood on 2 Aug 2006 at 14:44:05

"I recently purchased a DVD which stated quite clearly on the package that it was subtitled. Unfortunately when I played it, there were no subtitles present. Rather than do nothing, I parceled it up and sent it back to Paramount Motion Pictures in Hollywood with a letter of complaint - the DVD was replaced virtually immediately with a subtitled version (even though they were not actually responsible - it was the distributor apparently). So full marks to Paramount!!"

posted by adam on 28 Jul 2006 at 15:41:52

"I think all DVDs should be subtitled, it should be the law- they would not allow for DVDS without sound so why without subtitles?"

posted by anonymous on 14 Jun 2006 at 21:59:21

"Why is it that you can now have dvd's of old programmes, films etc.....but they don't have subtitles on them? I don't know how much it would cost to have this very much needed service on them. I do know that for all the deaf and HOH people out there..... and there are a lot..... there would be much greater sales of all the dvds. It just makes good business sense as well as helping others."

posted by JOHN EWENS on 3 Jun 2006 at 14:01:45

"I do not know the cost of subtitling an individual DVD but as other contributors have pointed out failure to do so excludes at a stroke a huge market comprised of people like myself whose interests in films and other forms of entertainment are varied but who would not consider buying unless the items were subtitled. In addition to the 8/9 million people in this country who have hearing difficulties there are many who use subtitles when perhaps able to hear reasonably well anyway. Add to this the fact that English is the global language, and that there are doubtless a huge number of people in other countries who would derive benefit from having subtitles in English whether or not they are deaf and the policy of not subtitling seems commercially daft. If this message, and many others like it, is read by someone with the power or influence to change policy here I would implore him/her to sit up and take notice. Deaf people have enough day to day difficulties as it is without finding that one of the major modern sources of entertainment is denied to them through ignorance or on grounds of perceived commercial objections."

posted by Naomi on 29 Apr 2006 at 14:31:27

"I recently watched the incredible journey of Mary Bryant on television and enjoyed the drama. I found you can buy the DVD in shops and thought great I'll buy the DVD but as I'm deaf and rely on subtitles I was disappointed to see that this dvd has not got any subtitles!!! I find this annoying as some dramas or films I want to watch or buy to keep have no subtitles and I find this frustrating. I thought all DVDs were subtitled so why is this not the case? I think it is discriminating that hearing people can watch anything they like or buy anything they can watch cos they can hear, and it is limiting for deaf people who can only watch if there are subtitles. So please in future can we have ALL DVDs subtitled so we can watch what we like too, without worrying about whether it is subtitled or NOT!"

posted by Kenneth Smith on 14 Apr 2006 at 17:03:00

"Two years ago I contacted Contender Entertainment Group as their DVD releases of The Professionals had no subtitles. They told me then they could not afford to subtitle. I now note they are soon releasing two BBC programmes ie Life on Mars and A Tribute to Fred Dibnah. I have emailed them asking if subtitled. If not I shall be complaining to my local MP, Jim Dowd, who is very very hot on disabled access issues. The BBC exists under Government approval so must be accountable to the public. Someone asked why the subtitles disappear when Ray Charles sings. I had this with Disney videos rented for my daughter.The explanation is that the lyrics are copyrighted and cannot be subtitled for this reason. Not a good excuse is it? The Conservative Government brought in a law whereby programmes broadcast on air could be open subtitled and put onto VHS video. It would be so easy for New Labour to pass copyright legislation permitting the subtitling of song to over-ride copyright considerations. Do write to your local MP's on subtitling issues. A lot can be done through legislation and regulation!"

posted by Sister Marika Rebicsek on 4 Apr 2006 at 17:23:02

"Just bought the new double disc of the remastered Lady and the Tramp and was LIVID to find that the extras have NO English subtitles at all. I am going to write to the producers of the DVD if there is an address on the box and complain. I am very upset about that as I love dogs, and am going to get my second Hearing Dog next month."

posted by Alan Beattie on 26 Mar 2006 at 15:00:56

"I am diappointed that the recently released set of Band Of Gold - The Complete Series on DVD seems to have no subtitles. I have checked the internet intensely and found few that have any mention of them at all but Network, whom I believe released the DVD, states 'None'. I have emailed them about it but would welcome any views from other people who need the subtitles. I am not deaf but do have a hearing deficiency and the titles make it so much easier to enjoy DVDs or Television shows. Thanks for reading this. Alan in Telford"

posted by anonymous on 15 Mar 2006 at 22:21:38

"It is amazing now that we FINALLY have the technology to make subtitles easily available on ALL releases that SO FEW STUDIOS actually make use of it! Goodbye VHS/BetaMax tapes!"

posted by UK contributor on 9 Mar 2006 at 16:23:16

"My Dad is hard of hearing & recently purchased the Columbo Series 3 box set (here in the UK), only to find it has no subtitles. This was an unexpected disappointment as he had enjoyed the first set, which was subtitled. He is also keen on Monk, but now finds himself unable to continue watching as the third set has no subtiles recorded. Why discontinue such a valuable service and prevent my Dad from the pleasure of once-favourite shows? These are big-name production companies and surely have the facilities to provide the service at a modest cost to themselves."

posted by joanna allan on 8 Mar 2006 at 22:13:22

"delighted to find this website my mother has recently come to live with me. Having had to wear a hearing aid for 45+ years she certainly can't enjoy TV or DVD's without subtitles. We ahve recently bought a new digital TV and was very disappointed that 2 recent TV series now on DVD do not have subtitles even though the original programmes had them - Coast and Britain . I will certainly check that any further DVD's we buy have subtitles. thanks for the info. Joanna Allan"

posted by Joshua on 28 Feb 2006 at 20:45:42

"I bought boxset "House M.D" Series 1 (Region 2) with Hugh Laurie from a high street retailer, the box was done professionally, and put together by Universal, a well reputed mega-company. Bought it straight away only to find to my horror, it has no subtitles when playing it at home. So you can image how very very annoyed and shocked I was! [Note from webmaster - I have moved your question to the forum] "

posted by Brenda Chapman on 15 Feb 2006 at 16:28:38

"Free DVDs and rental DVDs (eg Amazon) should routinely include subtitles. Even Even those rental DVDs that were broadcast originally on mainstream television with subtitles do not have them when they are rented out."

posted by Katie Sawyer on 16 Jan 2006 at 01:24:02

"I'm in my third year at University and I'm doing my dissertation on the representation of juvenile delinquency in popular culture, obviously I'm using some films as well. Imagine my annoyance when I looked up information on the two films I wanted since the library only had old videotapes with no captions available? "The Loneliness of the long distance Runner" and "A Taste of Honey" under the BFI Classics dvd releases (as well as "Maurice") have no subtitles available. This makes me so angry I actually felt like crying. This morning I read that "Loneliness of the long distance runner" will be shown on Sky Cinema 1 on tuesday, "excellent, I can record it onto DVD with the subtitles" I thought as I went to check on sky, NO SUBTITLES available but I'm more annoyed about the DVDs to be honest. They seem to have lots of other extras supplied but no subtitles. I'm SICK of writing letters to companies and only getting polite replies back, I bought "Casanova" as soon as it came out on DVD as that was an excellent production and it was by the BBC. NO subtitles and when I wrote to the BBC they shunted me around to different departments to write to, no reply from the last one I contacted. Why do I bother? Because I love films that's why and I'd like to feel that I get value for money. £18 that Casanova DVD cost me, I could have recorded it for free onto DVD WITH the subtitles on with my dvd recorder, so I'm not happy at all."

posted by Mat on 30 Dec 2005 at 21:36:19

"Ok, which idiot at Universal decided to make the subtitles disappear every time Ray Charles starts singing? It's a film about Ray Charles, for goodness' sake, anyone who watches it will want to hear him sing, right? Not so according to Universal. Perhaps they thought they'd save money by not subtitling the singing bits? GRRRRR!!!!!"

posted by Nick on 28 Dec 2005 at 11:27:53

"I'm a little confused. I had assumed that all new DVDs had to have subtitles for the hard of hearing. Is this not the case? I had bought Billy Connoly live from New York (2005) for my father-in-law and had not even thought to check for English subtitles as it is such a recent release. I was very disappointed on Christmas Day when we discovered that there wasn't any on there. What is the law on this issue? Surely in todays world ALL new DVDs should come with subtitles??!!!"

posted by Stephen J Butler on 16 Dec 2005 at 20:54:09

"As an avid music loving severely deaf person who wears a very powerful hearing aid, I am often frustrated at the lack of subtitles/closed captions on many of the musical DVDs. Deaf people like myself find our enjoyment heightened by watching a musical DVD, three-fold when we can enjoy them visually and audibly where we can watch the action, read through the subtitles/closed captions and for the lucky few, hear the music, for maximum enjoyment.There are many of us who have a desire to "hear" music but cannot hear, do so via subtitles. Come on manufacturers of mucical DVDs, your buyers and audiencesout there arent only hearing people."

posted by DVDwarrior on 14 Dec 2005 at 13:38:23

"I have been involved in this since the start of DVD I am very happy to see how things going - remember Yahoo group DVDeaf!!! I have phoned as many people I can possible and now what a change and look at website set up by Mat White and the much improvement on DVD. I hope this will carry on and still lots of work to be done once I get any time as I have 3 kids to deal with! One of the biggest pain of all is Disney DVD - they were excellent on VHS and crap on DVD - whoever made or support film by Disney will have no English subtitle on the extra features so that mean "The Chronicles of Narnia -The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" probably wont have subtitle on DVD extras! What about deaf kids? Or in my case hearing children but I can't explain to them what they are saying which really dispower me which make me angry. COME ON DISNEY - shame on you. Other is DVD coversheet any DVD "Bonus may not have subtitle" which is crazy s*** useless information ever. Burn those DVD. Guess which company this is from? DISNEY! ARGH! DVDwarrior - my real name Neil Patterson if anyone care! Live in West Midlands, England, UK."

posted by keithws on 9 Dec 2005 at 03:09:29

"Hi, I love your website, it should really help me in my life going to better, however I live in U.S. there is no closed-captions and/or subtitled on bonus features as extras are from Fox, Columbia, Warner Bros. Anyways, I get very disturbing as nuisance those movies have bonus features in Region 1 have bonus features them have not closed-captioned or subtitles, personally, it's should be nuisance!!! I glad I have a link on your site, also I have a region-free DVD that is modified DVD, there's no problem on R2 with subtitles! You're the best because you and them are your community are helped me a lot!!!! ;) Next time, I will buy a R2 version for my favorite shows!!! I'm hope you will to have going your site will be growing and stronger community site! Good luck with it!! You're always my hero!!! It should saved my life and be enjoyment with subtitles on DVD including bonus features have all subtitles!!! I love them being with subtitles!!!"

posted by anonymous on 8 Dec 2005 at 17:38:42

"I was upset to find out about the british film, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, was not captioned. I have never had a problem with finding movies with substiles in the US because they are required by the law. If you guys are frustrated, you can buy american movies and have them ship to your own country."

posted by jo livesay on 7 Dec 2005 at 15:13:46


posted by anonymous on 7 Dec 2005 at 07:17:21

"I am very angry and frustration that I have brought my dvd in australia show like Home and away, All saints and any other australia show do not have subtitles at all but Have been captions on TV but not on DVD that make me so angry about it. It is so unfair for deaf and hearing impairment do not have to watch with captions how we able to see what they talk about it it is ok for hearing people but what about us. In USA do have most of dvd got included captions no problems but in Australia that is completely wrong. Australia people who make DVD of Australia show or sport of dvd please put captions on so that we able to buy for you so that we able to watch dvd but if you don't put captions we will not going to buy at all. Austalia do something about it."

posted by anonymous on 4 Dec 2005 at 09:41:36

"I'm really, really very annoyed, when newspapers offer free DVD movies, but they do not include subtitles. WHY? WHY? WHY?"

posted by Mathieu on 27 Nov 2005 at 14:38:53

"I am not hard of hearing, but I am very frustrated by the lack of subtitles on DVDs. I teach languages in England (French/German) and when DVDs first appeared I was delighted because I thought that they would be an excellent way of learning different languages thanks to the subtitles options. I thought I could share my passion for world cinema to people who would not speak foreign languages... It is indeed very disappointing that subtitles and languages options seem 'second-class' priorities over rather unnecessary options such as trailers, posters, photographs, etc. (If you want to know more about a film, I can do some research yourself, especially with the Internet nowadays!!!) So many American films inundate the 'global market', but most of the time they are badly dubbed and you cannot hear or read the original language in which they were filmed... So many films are made or have been madein France, Germany, Italy, Spain... but you cannot access them easily if you do not know the languages... I do understand that my 'request' or 'frustration' may seem very futile compared to the frustration of people who are hard of hearing... I apologise if I may have offended anybody!"

posted by judith on 4 Nov 2005 at 11:02:20

"Instead of getting frustrated about the lack of subtitling [although 'm with you 100%] start emailing these production companies. The worse offender i have come across is High Fliers. I email them all the time. I ask them why i am excluded from watching their films simply because i am not able to hear? You can almost feel the cringing in the replies. If subtitles are not added on a dvd start moaning at them. The company who produced the cutting it series had a change of heart after series one was released. They told me it was because people with hearing problems were writing to them asking them why they hadn't included subtitles. The other person who should get some stick is the president of the British Video association. These production companies are her members. She is partially accountable for this blantant discrimination. Nothing will change until these people actually start having to answer to the people they exclude. DVD subtitles should have been part of the DDA access laws brought in last year. So ask your MP, or the culture minister, Tessa Jowell [she has an email address of the website] why dvds were not included. Put your frustration to use and bombard these people. Otherwise it will not change. Well said! We can't publish names and personal email addresses on here though, unfortunately - I've removed names and censored email addresses - webmaster."
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