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Speak your mind!!!

Are you ANGRY that your favourite DVD is not subtitled? Are you frustrated with the limited choice of subtitled DVDs? Are you impressed with this site? How do you feel right now about DVDs and subtitles? Click here to have your say!!

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posted by Diana on 11 Oct 2007 at 00:22:36

"I am very upset because my favorite movie have spanish subtitles. I just bought it. WHat should I do? The movie companies should put english subtitles when the DVDs come out in stores. I mean every DVD!I want english subtitles on my DVD."

posted by Andrew on 10 Oct 2007 at 19:11:07

"I am so p*ss off with some dvd with no subtitles! on 27th Sept brand new dvd out with no subtitles! i am deaf, i need subtitles! i am really upest about it"

posted by Rebecca on 30 Sep 2007 at 08:44:54

"Would you make all DVDs around the world with bloody SUBtitles. We are really disppointed with this all the time. It is so unfair to all deafies people and we really want to learn the words and languages."

posted by JOANNA ALLAN on 15 Sep 2007 at 21:56:27


posted by austin on 6 Sep 2007 at 22:53:56

"There are lots of dvds that I would like to buy if only I could find them with english subtitles eg Randall and Hopkirk deceased, Catchweazle, To the manor born, To catch a killer, Tango and Cash and so many more."

posted by Jane on 6 Sep 2007 at 12:26:54

"Message sent to ( ) :- Dear Living TV, I've just been informed by Contender Entertainment that Kath and Kim boxed dvd set Series 1 and 2 is not subtitled for the deaf/hard of hearing. I already knew that Series 2 was lacking subtitles, as I'd discovered it myself. It's shocking in this day and age that the deaf or deafened (like me, not deaf from birth) are treated in this way. I'm not sure what your role is in this production, but your name is on the Series 2 dvd so you are partly responsible. Please get your act together! 1 in 7 people in the UK are estimated to have some degree of hearing loss."

posted by aussie on 27 Aug 2007 at 02:58:38

"I am deaf and I found its discriminated to have DVD's not captions as sometimes when hire or buy DVD's here in Australia and most of our own made tv or movies arent captions on DVDs eg. Allsaints and Mcleod daughters... but Thank God you're here is captions ... I found its so which its frustrating to see some Uk tv series arent captions as well.. eg. Foyle's War and Forsythe saga. Also with some of American tv shows on DVD arent captions too.. eg.. 3rd rock from the sun... They are making it hard for the deaf communities to share with their family or friends watching and understanding the DVD they watching without the captions laughing or crying or scared... I think we all have to speak out to the distributors to put in the captions into DVD at all times no matter what as it to be included anyway. Its a must to put in Captions into DVD for the Deaf and HOH We are finding hard not to be frustrated anyway, but we do (cry- :)"

posted by John on 5 Aug 2007 at 23:20:15

"Number one - DVD Network has no subtitles, even my favourite old Classic in 1960's, 1970's like Catweazle, Supercar,Danger Man, etc, so should write letter and tell Network should provide access for subtitles."

posted by anonymous on 21 Jul 2007 at 21:34:19

"Why can you buy cheap subtitled dvds from China and the same ones in the UK have no subs? Surely the makers must realise if all dvds had subs they would make more money."

posted by Chris Tolmie on 11 Jul 2007 at 09:46:03

"Many people are deaf or very severely hearing impaired. No subtitles means no film to these people. It should be compulsory in the Disability Acts for all new DVDs produced to have the main feature subtitled and for all broadcast materials to be subtitled (including YouTube!). Chris"

posted by anonymous on 9 Jul 2007 at 15:39:46

"How cool! I live in Australia and I find it very hard to know if a DVD is subtitled or not. Finally a website that occupies of subtitled DVD!! I am an enthusiast of DVD movies, especially for TV series. I am gay too, and long time ago I decided to collect all possible gay-related movies (not porn!) and I was very disappointed to find out that only the 0.01% of the movies are subtitled!!! Many times I wonder.. what is the point of having a DVD technology if it is not subtitled? For a better movie quality and better sound quality??? DVD movies with subtitles not only help deaf people to see and enjoy movies, but also help foreign people to learn english! It is very disappointing that a so powerful technology can't be accessible by 100% by deaf people... I am learning web design and the w3c (the commission of web standards) stated that ALL websites, to be standard they must be accessible by blind people... It would be good that for equality issues, the government should put a law that makes subtitles for DVD compulsory. But the reality is harder unfortunately... Sorry for the grammar, but I am not english speaking, I am italian."

posted by Mandy on 8 Jul 2007 at 18:49:43

"Thank God I found your forum! I am 32 years old and 80% deaf and I have been BITTERLY disappointed and angered by the lack of subtitles available on DVD's. Fortunately I haven't yet made the mistake of purchasing any that don't have subtitles...if I ever did I would take it back and demand an immediate refund and write a letter of complaint about it. Only yesterday I emailed a website who put out dvd's without subtitles and complained about it, and actually got a reply back saying that they were contacting their manufacturers about the issue, let's hope they take it seriously. It does pay to complain, the more people who stand up and shout about this, the more that companies will have to take notice. I totally agree that it should be the law that all DVD's must carry the option of subtitles for the deaf including the free ones that come with the papers. I also believe that all cinemas should by law have to provide the option of subtitles for deaf viewers, they do in the States so why not in the UK? It's totally wrong. I will be emailing my local MP about this and encourage everyone to do to the same. I also emailed the director of ITV about the lack of subtitles on digital channels...I have just cancelled my cable subscription as I got sick of paying for a service I cannot use (the vast majority of programmes on digital channels do not carry subtitles, even if they did when they were first put out on terrestrial television) and it is extremely irritating. The freeview channels are just as bad and it has to change! Ooooh....what a long rant but God did I need to get that off my chest! Thank you so much for this brilliant website, it has my FULL support!!"

posted by Andrew on 19 May 2007 at 06:42:14

"I love the following message and find it very useful. Never before had I known that Windows Media Player can read Closed Captions on Region 1 DVDs. Thanks a lot, Aydin: I too like my DVDs subtitled. But this is not always the case especially with Region 1 DVDs. Most of them are closed captioned but unfortunately our European TVs, DVD-Players etc.. do not have the magic "cc" button like their american counterparts to decode cc's on the line 21 of the NTSC signal. However I found out that Windows Media Player can read Closed Captions! So you can play the movie on a PC and or as I did connect your PC to your TV and watch it there using the PC's DVD-Player and Windows Media Player. Hope this info is useful."

posted by Kiegsy on 7 May 2007 at 02:55:06

"I would love to watch some Billy Connolly, the funniest comedian out there, but ALL his DVD's do not have subtitles :o( shocking ?!"

posted by muskrat26 on 13 Apr 2007 at 10:09:28

"How disappointing to find that after collecting the boxed sets of Frost (32 dvd's) that I find series 1-5 (20 dvd's) have no subtitles, but series 6-12 do."

posted by A.Roberts.(BEM). on 29 Mar 2007 at 22:18:07

"What a wonderful website found accidentally. As all we 'deafies' know, CD's and DVD's are now increasingly advertised in the majority of magazines and national papers as a confidence trick to increase their circulation. However, I call it 'blatant Deaf discrimination' [because there are no subtitles on these newspaper DVDs - webmaster]. To their credit the RNID is campaigning on our behalf, but it really needs us ALL to write to each magazine and paper to put our case more aggressively - only then will they realise that NINE Million of us are unable to enjoy the content on a par with our hearing peers. Come on BBC, please lead the way with subtitled DVD's of some 'oldies' mentioned in the other messages on this page. We will gladly purchase if we know they DO have subtitles (In colour too!!?). Here's hoping!"

posted by muskrat26 on 24 Mar 2007 at 13:08:47

"This has to be the most valuable website - ever! I wish I had found it before ordering the boxed set of "soap" that I so loved to watch weekly and cannot hear anymore so needed the words and there were none. I wish I had found this website before receiving the "Vicar of Dibley" boxed set only to find there were no subtitles, or all the Laurel and Hardey films. This website is a goldmine."

posted by Kenneth Smith on 15 Mar 2007 at 12:59:03

"My daughter is collecting the Tracey Beaker DVDs which comprise of programmes originally made and broadcast (with subtitles) by the BBC. The BBC has allowed another company (part of Sony) to release without subtitles. Being a public organisation the BBC has a duty to make it product accessible and claims to do so but it seems that this is not true. The ONLY solution is for the law to be changed to make provision of subtitles compulsory. It would certainly help if the law required all DVD releases to show clearly on the cover if subtitled for hard of hearing. I suggested this in a letter ten years ago to the new Prime Minister Tony Blair but never got a reply. So write to your local MP and ask for legislation."

posted by Bob Young on 13 Mar 2007 at 12:19:05

"I am totally deaf and also 65. Ok so I'm old but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to enjoy DVDs like anyone else. Recently I ordered two DVDs from a well know supplier which in the catalogue stated they had subtitles. Neither of them did! Also i am a keen aircraft/WW2 enthusiast and what amazes me is that nearly 90% of this type of DVD - including the latest version of "The Dam Busters" - are not subtitles. Surely the people most likely to be interested in this era are likely to be of a certain age and therefore likely to have some hearing loss. Another DVD I have always wanted is Bomber Harris with John Thaw as Harris. This was a TV production and certainly must have had subtitles when shown, so why is the DVD not subtitles. I could go on (and usually do! ) but PLEASE can we have more subtitles."

posted by anonymous on 16 Feb 2007 at 01:22:11

"I always am annoyed when DVDs only have subtitles for the movie and not the special features, and I'm not even deaf. I just like subtitles. DVD producers need to know that if we only wanted the movie with subtitles, we'd just buy the VHS. We buy DVDs not only for the better quality, but also for all the special features. We need the special features subtitled TOO!"

posted by John Keogh on 23 Jan 2007 at 16:34:48

"I know I'm probably coming at this from a different angle to most of the users of this site., but what bugs me is how many UK dvd's fail to indicate clearly whether you can watch a foreign language movie WITHOUT the subtitles. That's why I refer to this site to see if this option is detailed, and I suspect I'm not the only one. So thank you! There are 10O's of thousands of people in this country who's first language is not English, who speak a second language fluently, or use foreign language movies as a learning tool. It would be great for me (personally) to watch every Spanish dialogue DVD I buy WITHOUT the English subtitles - and this option is sometimes available - however I find it's often not mentioned. For instance: Amores Perros - no, but Y Tu Mama Tambien - yes; All About My Mother - yes, but Almodovar Collection vols. 1 & 2 - no; The Red Squirrel - yes, but Lovers Of The Arctic Circle - no. And so on. It's usually pot luck - but I want to know this BEFORE I've bought the dvd. ie. it should be clearly indicated on the dvd sleeve whether a non English language movie can be viewed without subtitles if required. SO PLEASE will the movie companies please start stating clearly whether the English subtitles on foreign language movies are burnt onto to print or are optional? Does anyone else care? John."

posted by Clare B on 10 Jan 2007 at 01:45:55

"My boyfriend is deaf and he gets really down when he tries to buy stand up comedy DVDs and none have subtitles. The only one we've come across so far is Jimmy Carr, but ones like Billy Connolly, Bottom Live and any along that kind of humour is totally in accessible to him :("

posted by Rosamund Brundrett on 6 Dec 2006 at 19:59:49

"I would very much like to know why it is that while many DVD's have sub(like MORSE, A TOUCH OF FROST and CADFAEL) are well subtitled and others such as PIE IN THE SKY, FOYLE'S WAR, RUMPOLE, not to mention beauties like BURIED TREASURE and DRIVING MISS DAISY are not. It doesn't make sense to me. My husband is hard of hearing and only really enjoys films with subtitles. What is the position on subtitling these days? Surely if it is done for some films it should be done for all of them. Your website is a godsend, but disappointing when the films I would like to buy are not subtitled. Thank you for your website."

posted by Nicky on 4 Dec 2006 at 20:58:50

"I agree with you all as i find the whole thing really mad to as i have rented out 4 movies from the lovefil rental, And the movies didn't have any subtitles and that really did put me off. I am deaf and movies or any tv programmes hard to follow. And newspapers that give out free dvds don't even have subtitles at all."

posted by diane on 29 Nov 2006 at 21:27:49

"I was under the illusion all bought dvds had subtitle availability, very disappointed to find otherwise. What a missed opportunity for the studios!"

posted by jason007 on 12 Nov 2006 at 20:04:48

"i also found out that highlander has french and dutch subtitles but no english, how bad is that?"

posted by Neil Patterson on 7 Nov 2006 at 15:56:06

"Walt Disney did it again and again - all major film DVD have left out English subtitle on extra features and then add french, polish and dutch subtitle here!!! WHY are they doing this?! It is driving me crazy!"

posted by jason on 3 Nov 2006 at 20:37:31

"i avoided watching BUBBA HO-TEP and OPEN WATERS because there was no mention of any subtitles on the cover when it first came out but a friend decided to buy it and checked for subtitles and guess what, it was subtitled!!! how bad is that? if i avoided this film then how many other people also avoided it i wonder? i would also like to complain that ALOT of low budget films dont get the subtitle treatment, this is VERY unfair as i am a very big movie fan and would love to watch this different world of filmmaking."

posted by anonymous on 17 Oct 2006 at 21:46:10

"One problem is that websites (such as Amazon and don't always flag DVDs as subtitled when in fact they are - this adds to the confusion! Regarding the new Cracker release, I spotted this in my local Virgin shop today and it states 'Subtitles: English HOH'. NB This collection was released on DVD a few years ago and at that time it definitely did not have subtitles. So it would appear that they are included now. Hope they do the same with the upcoming Prime Suspect collection, which has also been out on DVD without subtitles in the past."

posted by eddy morgan on 15 Oct 2006 at 23:24:01

"Really disppointed. Loved Abba pop group all my life, and no subitles on Abba the Movie when they are singing. It does not matter if you cant hear the music, you would like to know what the song is about and what they are singing about - and we like to follow and sing along with words. People think deaf people dont need subtitles for music and they are wrong, we need to know what is being said. Some deaf people can hear with hearing aids but still need words for the songs like for example the Little Shop of Horrors has subtitles but not for the song lyrics and its really frustrating and lets everyone down, really bad. I get the impression that people are not deaf aware enough to realise that deaf people do like music and songs like myself as I have been an Abba fan for years and have been waiting so long for the movie and no subtitles for the songs? I want to scream! Why is this? can anyone explain that to me to say why aren't there subtitles on music videos as I was surprised that one Madonna video have them it but the others have none. Not many music dvds have subtitles, it makes me feel that deaf people don't belong together with hearing people as equals. Come on, wake up - we have the right to listen to music with subtitles to follow and express our feelings like anyone else ....who thinks we dont need music ...."
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