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Main feature onlyJoe 90: Complete Series (Box Set) (1968)

Region: (unknown)
UPC/Barcode: 5037115039439
Released: 9th September 2002
Release type: Retail / Rental
No. of Discs: (unknown)
Catalogue No: 3711503943
Category: Television, Sci-Fi
Format: DVD / Box Set
Joe 90: Complete Series (Box Set) (1968) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)


Main feature only Only the main feature on this DVD title has English subtitles. [explanation]

Claimed subtitles: (unknown)

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Subtitling reviews:

Submitted by Tony Hawkins on 29th February 2008:
Main feature only"As far as I'm aware, the Joe 90 complete series box set comes in two different boxes but both have the same catalogue number. One has the words 'Collector's Edition' written across the bottom. This is the one that I own. It definately does have HOH subtitles on the main feature (episodes). It is also listed on the back of the box. There are no subtitles on the extra features but this is nothing to worry about because there are only two very small items on it that contain spoken words. The rest is either pictures or items that are read. The other version of the same box set, what I can make out, does not have the words 'Collector's edition' written across the bottom. All the websites I looked at that were selling this version said that 'Subtitles are not listed'. I asked someone who was selling a second hand copy if it had subtitles. They said it does. I can only assume that because they both have the same catalogue number, 37115 03943, they both can be viewed with the option of subtitles. I know for a fact that one does but I'm not 100% on the other. I hope this is of some help."

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Film information

Story: All thirty episodes from the Supermarionation series about the schoolboy secret agent who can take over other people's brain patterns. In 'The Most Special Agent' Joe is asked to steal a Soviet Mig 242 aircraft. 'Hi-Jacked' has Joe go on the trail of a ruthless gun-runner. 'Splashdown' finds Joe taking on the brain patterns of a USAF test pilot. 'Operation McClaine' sees Joe perform some urgent brain surgery. In 'Three's a Crowd' Mac falls for the charms of an American reporter who is in fact an enemy agent. 'International Concerto' has Joe rescue a piano virtuoso who has been kidnapped by the enemy. 'Big Fish' finds Joe going underwater to rescue a submarine stranded in hostile waters. 'The Unorthodox Shepherd' sees Joe confront some counterfeiters in a church crypt. In 'Relative Danger' Joe takes on the brain patterns of an underground explorer in order to rescue Willie from a mine tunnel in the Pueblo Mountains. 'Business Holiday' has Sam attempt to persuade Joe to forget about his holiday and destroy an army base instead. 'King for a Day' finds Joe impersonating royalty. 'Double Agent' sees Joe unwittingly take on the brain patterns of a double agent. 'Most Special Astronaut' has Joe attempt to rescue some astronauts trapped on an orbitting space station. 'Arctic Adventure' concerns a nuclear device that has gone missing in the Arctic Circle. 'The Fortress' finds Joe attempting to rescue a captured W.I.N. agent from an impenetrable fortress. 'Project 90' follows Joe as he attempts a daring balloon rescue. 'Colonel McClaine' sees Joe take charge of a convoy ferrying volatile liquid explosive across 200 miles of perilous terrain. In 'The Race' new technology allows Sam and Joe to share a dream in which they are rally drivers taking part in a race from London to Monte Carlo. 'The Professional' has Joe take on the brain patterns of a professional safe-cracker in order to break into a high security vault. 'Attack of the Tiger' finds Joe on a mission to destroy a secret rocket installation. 'Lone Handed 90' sees Joe dream of being a sheriff in the Wild West. In 'Talkdown' Joe tries to discover the causes of a recent test plane crash. 'Breakout' has Joe take on the brain patterns of a bob sleigh champion in order to defeat a pair of crooks who are holding the Canadian Prime Minister to ransom. 'Test Flight' follows Joe as he attempts a rescue mission in the wake of an air crash. 'Mission X-41' finds Joe on the trail of an experimental antibody. 'Child of the Sun God' sees Joe journey into the Andes in search of a tribe of South American indians. 'Trial at Sea' follows Joe as he takes on the brain patterns of a terrorist in order to locate a bomb hidden on a hoverliner. 'Viva Cordova' has Joe act as a covert bodyguard to President Juan Cordova. 'See You Down There' finds Joe on the case of financial doubledealer Ralph Clayton, using various brain patterns to persuade the money man that he is under the spell of an hallucinogenic drug. Finally, in 'The Birthday', Joe thinks that everyone has forgotten his 10th birthday.

Starring: Rupert Davies (voice), Keith Alexander (voice), David Healy (voice), Len Jones (voice), Sylvia Anderson (voice), Gary Files (voice), Martin King (voice), Jeremy Wilkin (voice), Shane Rimmer (voice), Liz Morgan (voice)

Directed by: Desmond Saunders, Alan Perry, Leo Eaton, Ken Turner, Peter Anderson, Brian Heard

Produced by: David Lane

Written by: Tony Barwick, Donald James, John Lucarotti, Pat Dunlop, Shane Rimmer, Desmond Saunders, Keith Wilson, David Lane, Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson

DVD information

Studio/distributor: ITV DVD

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