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Distributed by: Human Kinetics

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Advanced Strength Training (Retail Only)£39.99
Athletic Body in Balance (Retail Only)£34.99
Attack the All Court Player (Retail Only)£22.99
Ballistic Backhand (Retail Only)£21.99
Baseball Skills and Drills (Retail Only)£34.99
Beat the Baseliner (Blu-ray) (10th Anniversary Edition) (Retail Only)£22.99
Building Points and Tactics (Retail Only)£22.99
Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Line Dancing (Retail Only) 
Competitive Club Doubles (Retail Only)£22.99
Complete Human Anatomy (Interactive) (Retail Only) 
Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials: Bottom Position (Retail Only) 
Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials: Complete Collection (Retail Only)£41.99
Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials: Standing Position (Retail Only) 
Dan Gable's Wrestling Essentials: Top Position (Retail Only) 
Deadly Drop Shots and Lobs (Retail Only)£22.99
Doubles Tennis Tactics (Retail Only)£24.99
Duke Basketball Series: Championship Practices (Retail Only)£18.99
Duke Basketball Series: Complete Collection (Retail Only) 
Duke Basketball Series: Transition Game (Retail Only)£18.99
Duke Team Defense (Retail Only)£18.99
Dynamic Tennis Warm-ups (Retail Only)£31.99
Explosive Lifting for Sports (Retail Only)£24.99
Fit Kids Classroom Workout (Retail Only)£19.99
Fitness for Life: In Service (Box Set) (Retail Only) 
Fitness for Life: Lifetime Fitness (Box Set) (Retail Only) 
Flexibility for Sports Performance (Retail Only)£24.99
Fun Classroom Fitness Routines: Ages 10-14 (Retail Only)£17.99
Fun Classroom Fitness Routines: Ages 4-9 (Retail Only)£17.99
Functional Anatomy (Interactive) (Retail Only) 
Gable's Advanced Wrestling (Retail Only)£44.09
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