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Distributed by: Hudson Music

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Accelerate Your Acoustic Guitar Playing (2008) (Retail Only)£17.99
Accelerate Your Rock Guitar Playing (2008) (Retail Only)£17.99
Antonio Sanchez: The Master Series (2009) (Retail Only) 
Benny Greb: The Language of Drumming (2009) (Retail Only)£17.82
The Best of the Modern Drummer Festival 1997-2006 (2006) (Retail Only)£15.64
Buddy Rich: At the Top (1973) (Retail Only)£26.99
The Buddy Rich Collector's Edition (2005) (Retail Only)£29.99
Chris Adler and Jason Bittner: Modern Drummer Festival (2005) (Retail Only)£15.89
Classic Drum Solos and Drum Battles: Volume 1 (Retail Only)£26.99
Classic Rock Drum Solos - Hosted By Carmine Appice (Retail Only)£12.99
Daniele Gottardo: Superfingering (2010) (Retail Only) 
Dave Weckl: A Natural Evolution - 1 - How to Develop Technique (Retail Only)£32.99
Dave Weckl: A Natural Evolution - 2 - How to Practice (2006) (Special Edition) (Retail Only)£32.99
Dave Weckl: A Natural Evolution - How to Develop Your Own Sound (2006) (Retail Only)£26.99
Derek Roddy: Blast Beats Evolved (2009) (Retail Only)£19.99
Derek Roddy: Playing With Your Drums (2012) (Retail Only) 
Double Bass Drumming (2011) (Retail Only) 
Gavin Harrison: Rhythmic Horizons (Retail Only)£14.53
George 'Spanky' McCurdy: Off Time/On Time (2013) (Retail Only) 
Getting Started On Drums With Tommy Igoe (2005) (Retail Only)£9.82
Gettin Started On the Djembe (2012) (Retail Only) 
Gil Sharone: Wicked Beats - Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady... (2011) (Retail Only) 
Gorden Campbell: Secrets of the Working Drummer (2013) (Retail Only) 
Intense Metal Drumming 2 (Retail Only) 
James Gadson: Funk/R&B Drumming (2010) (Retail Only) 
Jason Bittner: What Drives the Beat (2008) (Retail Only)£19.99
Jerry Barnes: Funk/R'n'B Bass Lick Samples (1999) (Retail Only)£13.99
Jim Hall: Jazz Guitar Masterclass - Principles of Improvisation (2011) (Retail Only) 
John Blackwell: Master Series (2008) (Retail Only)£19.99
Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer (HD-DVD) (Retail Only)£33.99
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