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Comments History

This page displays a running history of all comments on DVDs submitted to Most recent comments are at the top of the list.

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My Brother Tom (2001) (Retail / Rental)14 Jan 2012 15:35:25 bruna88:
"This DVD offers the film well subtitled, but the only extra is a trailer, non subtitled - but I never saw a subtitled trailer of fim on a DVD - so my rating."
Mary and Max (2009) (Retail / Rental)14 Jan 2012 09:22:12 beltschazar:
"The film has no subtitles!"
Source Code (2011) (Retail Only)14 Jan 2012 06:47:06 limogne:
"The main feature has English HOH subtitles. The Audio Commentary does not have subtitles. There is a Trivia track which is text-based and appears on another subtitle track. None of the Special Features has subtitles. When the DVD loads, there are three trailers which are interspersed with unskippable 30 sec advertisements."
Trust (2010) (Retail Only)14 Jan 2012 03:35:36 bruna88:
"This DVD has the main feature subtitled - english for the hard of hearing. The only available extra is a behind the scenes documentary and this is not subtitled. The subtitles are good, you can read it well."
Without a Trace: The Complete Season 5 (2007) (Retail / Rental)13 Jan 2012 16:23:31 amadeus1756:
"This set of 24 episodes comes on 3 double sided discs and has English subtitles. It is Region 2. No extras."
Without a Trace: The Complete Season 4 (2006) (Retail / Rental)13 Jan 2012 16:05:25 amadeus1756:
"This set of 24 episodes on 3 double sided discs has English subtitles. No extras."
The Strange World of Planet X (1957) (Deleted)12 Jan 2012 23:40:54 rebelyell31:
"Unfortunatly this superb SF movie is not subtitled at all, what a shame!"
Fire in the Sky (1993) (Retail / Rental)12 Jan 2012 23:36:42 rebelyell31:
"As there is only the movie on this dvd and no extra's I checked main feature only. The subs on this dvd are English for the hearing impaired and English."
True Confessions (1981) (Retail / Rental)9 Jan 2012 12:53:02 amadeus1756:
"The film has English HOH subtitles, but the only extra, the trailer, does not."
Christ Stopped at Eboli (1979) (Box Set) (Deleted)8 Jan 2012 22:54:52 janfilmfan:
"Italian spoken, English subtitles. (With twice the fault 'We can't live here' written down as 'We can't leave here'.) As extra a documentary about the Director from French television with French subtitles, no English) "
Amazing Grace (2006) (Retail / Rental)8 Jan 2012 22:49:29 janfilmfan:
"Movie has English Hard of hearing subs. No subs for Making of and director's commentary. "
Carry On Camping (1969) (Special Edition) (Retail / Rental)8 Jan 2012 13:23:46 amadeus1756:
"The film itself has English HOH subtitles. For this Special Edition a number of extra features have been added. Those that require subtitling are not, otherwise they are text or photos only. Exception is the longest extra ("Orgy and Bess") which is a sketch with Hattie Jacques as Elizabeth I and this is subtitled."
Date Night (2010) (Retail Only)8 Jan 2012 13:12:36 amadeus1756:
"The film and the only extra (Gag reel) have English HOH subtitles. At the end of the disc, there is a digital copy for transferring to a computer(I haven't tried this out!)"
Burn Notice: Season 4 (2010) (Retail / Rental)8 Jan 2012 13:07:54 amadeus1756:
"This set of 18 episodes has English HOH subtitles. The special features scattered over the 4 discs are not titled, except the longest extra (not mentioned on the case), which is a promo for the series "White Collar" consisting of the complete pilot episode, which does have subtitles. Whilst these discs are Region 2, like series 3, they come in the North American NSTC picture format rather than the more usual European PAL system."
Wings of Desire (1987) (Deleted)8 Jan 2012 10:23:33 janfilmfan:
"As this film is mainly German spoken, English subtitles are burnt in. But beware, the English thoughts and conversations of Peter Falk (as the actor himself) are not subtitled. A small but essential part, allthough you can do without it. the deleted scenes are without spoken word, the comments of director Wim Wenders are in English and according Anchor Bay's philosophy not subtitled. "
Last of the Summer Wine: The Complete Series 15 and 16 (1995) (Retail / Rental)7 Jan 2012 18:04:57 amadeus1756:
"This set, which includes the Christmas specials for 1992 and 1993, comes with English HOH subtitles."
My Left Foot (1989) (Widescreen) (Deleted)6 Jan 2012 21:12:54 janfilmfan:
"No subs whatsoever. And while the paralyzed main figure is hard to understand anyway, his Irish family gives a lot of problems too, not only for the hard-of hearing. Shame for such a great movie."
Narc (2002) (Deleted)6 Jan 2012 21:09:40 janfilmfan:
"Main movie, making of and other extra's as well as director's commentary all have English subitles. Nice job."
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) (Retail / Rental)6 Jan 2012 21:03:50 janfilmfan:
"movie and all extra's like making of, an item about father & son Smith, and the real man the film is about are all well subtitled in English. The movie as well in English Hard of hearing, Hindi, Portugese and Spanish "
Deadly Pursuit (1987) (Widescreen) (Retail / Rental)5 Jan 2012 23:13:59 amadeus1756:
"The film comes with both English and English HOH subtitles. No extras."
Easy Virtue (2008) (Retail Only)5 Jan 2012 23:09:04 amadeus1756:
"The film has English HOH subtitles, but the special features are not subtitled. "
Spartacus - Gods of the Arena (2011) (Retail / Rental)5 Jan 2012 16:55:36 Frenchoid:
"Absolutely no subtitles whatsoever on this 4-disc DVD set! Not that they couldn't afford them, I guess? The same dunce's cap goes to the same company (Anchor Bay Entertainment) for "Spartacus: Blood And Sand", which is likewise unsubtitled..."
Spartacus - Blood and Sand: Series 1 (2010) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)5 Jan 2012 16:52:45 Frenchoid:
"Absolutely no subtitles whatsoever on this 4-disc DVD set! Not that they couldn't afford them, I guess? The same dunce's cap goes to the same company (Anchor Bay Entertainment) for "Spartacus: Gods Of the Arena", which is likewise unsubtitled..."
Mozart and the Whale (2005) (Deleted)3 Jan 2012 23:05:22 janfilmfan:
"No subs in movie. No extra's. "
The Machinist (2004) (Deleted)3 Jan 2012 23:02:47 janfilmfan:
"no subtitles in movie nor extra's. a pity."
Jack Rosenthal at the BBC (1997) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)2 Jan 2012 17:47:42 amadeus1756:
"This wonderful set brings together what are probably five of his most popular plays. They all have English subtitles, as does the introduction to each play by Maureen Lipman, who in a special feature talks about her late husband. There is also a biography and bibliography which are text only."
A Few Good Men (1992) (Deleted)2 Jan 2012 13:29:23 amadeus1756:
"This film has English subtitles. Only extra is an advertising trailer which is not subtitled."
La Cage Aux Folles (1978) (Widescreen) (Retail / Rental)2 Jan 2012 13:20:40 amadeus1756:
"This classic comedy has English and English HOH subtitles. Only extras are the two trailers (English and French) which are not titled."
Numb3rs: Season 4 (2005) (Deleted)2 Jan 2012 13:14:06 amadeus1756:
"All 18 episodes come with English and English HOH subtitles. The special features are also subtitled."
Numb3rs: Season 2 (2006) (Deleted)2 Jan 2012 13:04:11 amadeus1756:
"This set of 24 episodes comes with English and English HOH subtitles. No extras."
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