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Category: Supernatural

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Ghosts of the North West (2010) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)£18.69
Ghosts of the South (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)£29.99
Ghosts of the West Midlands (2010) (Box Set) (Retail / Rental)£32.19
Ghosts of Tombstone (2005) (Retail / Rental)£19.99
Ghosts of Wales (Retail / Rental)£10.99
Ghosts of Yorkshire (2010) (Retail / Rental)£11.99
Ghost Stories: Ghost Dance of the American Indians (Deleted)£2.98
Ghost Stories: Ghosts of the Alamo and Other Haunted Houses (Deleted)£6.49
Ghost Stories: Possessions (Deleted)£4.25
Ghost Stories: Star Struck Spirits (Deleted)£3.30
Ghost Stories: The Tower of London and Spine-Chilling Tales (Deleted)£7.50
Ghost Stories: Tombstone and the Ghost Towns of the Desert (Deleted)£4.33
Ghost Team - Now That's Weird: Volume 1 (Deleted)£19.99
Ghost Team - Now That's Weird: Volume 2 - The Dead Are Talking (2005) (Deleted)£19.95
Ghost Towns: Series 1 (2005) (Pulled)£10.93
Great British Ghosts (2011) (with Book) (Retail Only) 
Great British Ghosts (Box Set) (Deleted) 
Great British Ghosts (Box Set) (Retail / Rental) 
Great British Ghosts With Michaela Strachan: Series 1 (2011) (Deleted) 
A Guide to Ghost Hunting (Retail / Rental)£4.99
Haunted England (Pulled) 
Haunted Homes: The Complete First Series (2006) (Deleted)£8.93
Haunted Homes: The Complete Second Series (Pulled)£79.90
Haunted House - Demon Poltergeist (2014) (Deleted) 
Haunted London (2009) (Retail / Rental) 
Haunted London: True Ghost Stories (2009) (Retail / Rental) 
Haunted Railways of Britain (2014) (Retail / Rental) 
A Haunting: Ghosts and Demons (Pulled)£5.80
A Haunting: Meeting the Dead (Deleted)£5.85
A Haunting: Season 3 (2007) (Deleted)£29.99
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