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Category: Supernatural

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Adventures Beyond: Killer Chupacabra (1997) (Retail / Rental) 
Alchemy: Psychology and the Alchemists (Retail Only) 
Alien Abduction: Odyssey of Betty and Barney Hill (2013) (Deleted) 
Alien Agenda: Planet Earth - Rulers of Time and Space (Retail Only) 
Alien Contact - NASA Exposed (Retail Only) 
Alien Contact - UFO Invaders (Retail Only) 
Alien Crash at Roswell - The UFO Truth Lost in Time (Retail Only) 
Alien Crash Retrievals (Retail Only) 
Alien Creatures from Beyond - Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires (2014) (Retail Only) 
Alien Encounter at Loch Ness (Retail Only) 
Alien Encounters: The Invasion (Retail Only) 
Alien from Area 51: The Autopsy Footage Revealed (Retail Only) 
Alien Implants: Evidence of UFO Abductions and Encounters (Retail Only) 
Alien Mind Control - The UFO Enigma (Retail Only) 
Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFOs and the Men in Black (Retail Only) 
Aliens and Atlantis - Stargates and Hidden Realms (Retail Only) 
Aliens and Crop Circles (Retail Only) 
Aliens and Pyramids - Forbidden Knowledge (Retail Only) 
Aliens and UFOs - Dark Secrets of Mars (Retail Only) 
Aliens, UFOs and the New World Order (Retail Only) 
All American Horror: Gateways to Hell (2014) (Deleted) 
American Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot in America (Retail Only) 
America's Alien Invasion - The Lost UFO Encounters (2012) (Retail Only) 
America's Most Haunted Inns and Towns (2004) (Retail / Rental) 
Ancient Alien Agenda: Aliens and UFOs from the Area 51 Archives (Retail Only) 
Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitations (2014) (Deleted) 
Ancient Aliens: Season 3 (2011) (Box Set) (Retail Only) 
Ancient Aliens: Season 3 and 4 (2012) (Retail Only) 
Ancient Aliens: Season 4 (2012) (Blu-ray) (Retail Only) 
Ancient Aliens: Season 4 (2012) (Retail Only) 
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